Ranging from energetic drum and bass to straightforward industrial and electrometal, Model M’s heavy-hitting music sounds like it belongs in the next action movie.

Model M is the musical project of Terrence Clinton Dick. His heavy, dark, and fiercely textural electronic music weaves modern sounds with guitars and deep bass hits by using oldschool sampling techniques.



Terrence Dick was born and raised in Vancouver, BC, and started singing when he was following his passion for music, he worked in studios such as Little Mountain Sound and Vancouver Studios in the early 90s, where he worked on post-production and sound design for many small indie bands as well as larger bands such as Motley Crue and the Cult. After working for the studio and touring with a number of bands, he moved to Toronto in 1994. Not having a wealth of money to draw from, he started Model M in 1994, using household objects and crude home recording techniques to write his music. Since then, Terrence has played and collaborated with many friends and musicians, and continues to pursue his passions in music. He has many unusual and interesting stories to tell about his life, which is where much of the content of his original music is rooted in.

Terrence has always tried to maintain a specific style to his music. He prides himself on being able to write high-energy, aggressive, electronic music that sounds current while sculpting polished and palatable sounds in his limited studio without falling into what’s popular or mainstream. To Terrence, music is art, and he feels that it’s important to put one’s own tastes in one’s art. One has to be truthful to his/her self, in order to achieve that.

Currently, Terrence lives in Los Angeles, CA. He works closely with DEROSNEC and is a part of the Oh Just Peachy Studios Music Collective.